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The launch of Dash8World in 2017 continues the quest of developing Mike Ody's material and photograph collection into an Archival website, this time on the DHC-8 aircraft. It joins existing websites on the DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-6 Twin Otter and DHC-7.

It has been quite the process to complete the first 672 “classic” airframes, including a break to move homes, and a fairly eventful 2018. The 100’s-300’s are however now complete on the data front, and over 2,000 images are already uploaded (with a lot more to go).

The News Blog section is once again being updated regularly, and it contains transactional information, sightings, operator news and topical photos for both the classic and Q400 series aircraft.

Where are the Q400’s?

I have passed the halfway mark on creating the aircraft histories, and I work on it pretty well daily. I will not make it publicly available until it is complete to the same level as the classic fleet. It will be held on a separate URL, linked from and to the main Dash8World site. The reason for that is simply the size. Until the history pages are complete for the Q400 the type coverage can still be followed in the News Blog section here.

Dash8World follows a familiar format to TwinOtterWorld, with sections for a Production History, and Current News.

I'd like to specifically thank George Trussell and Rob McNeil for access to Mike's research and photographs on the DHC-8/Q400. Combining Mike's material with my own has provided the foundation of the website.


About the Photo Material 


The foundation of photographs contained in Dash8World, primarily within the Production History pages have come from the collection of Michael J. Ody. Being a site that was built to recognize Mike's tireless efforts in building a written and photographic archive on the type, we have utilized his photo collection across the website in acknowledgement his many years of work. 

We have used Mike's slide collection primarily, as it was possible to establish provenance for the slides more than the prints. In some cases, that was not possible, but we have still uploaded them as they formed part of his collection. They are credited as "Photographer Unknown" - a proper credit is the goal for all images in the site, so if you find a photograph of your own that is not credited correctly, please be in contact. I will be happy to fix it immediately, or remove the photo if that is your preference.

There are seven photographers in particular that provided dozens to hundreds of DHC-8 slides to Mike's collection, and this site would be a much different place without being able to feature their material here. Firstly, here in Toronto a huge thanks to MLB Photography in particular,  and Sheldon D. Benner, Caz Caswell, Andrew Cline, Kenneth I. Swartz/Aeromedia Communications Out in the other "DHC-8 center of the universe" to A.J. "Tony" Hickey and Dave Dunsmore in Calgary. Each of these guys have photographed literally hundreds of aircraft when the DHC-8 classic series was still in production.

Supplementing the original slide scans, is digital material from a variety of sources from around the world - this includes photos from early on in the digital era, to ones taken today. A substantial amount of the current digital shots have simply been moved over from my previous blogs Dash 8 Spotter, Turboprop Spotter and Regional Wings, where they were used with permission of the original photographer.

Photo contributions are gladly accepted. If you have your collection uploaded to a site like Flickr or Smugmug, and wish to contribute, it is as simple as letting me know where it is, and I can take care of the rest. No additional work required from your side. Just use the Contact the Editor form below.


About the Sections of Dash8World


Production History


This is the equivalent of the Archive Section of TwinOtterWorld; Individual histories of each DHC-8 and Q400 aircraft, and hundreds of photographs throughout the years. At the time the website was made available publicly (Apr-2018) about 400 classic DHC-8 histories have been uploaded, and a smaller number of Q400's. The remainder of the aircraft will follow in due course, with regular additions of both material and photographs. You will note that the newly added material skips around a bit as far as the MSN is concerned, that is just my own preference as I continue to work through about 20,000 pages of reference material in building the histories. 


Sample Production History Page


It is important that when reading the aircraft production history files you are utilizing a platform with a screen width of 1280 pixels minimum. 





DHC-8/Q400 aircraft and operator news updated regularly as it happens. You will see any changes pending to the Production History here first.


How to Search


Using the search page will gather your query data from across all sections of the site.



Photographer Credits

Mike Macgowan

Ray McFadyen

Dinesh Maharajah


Eduard Marmet

Tim Martin

Nikoli Mathews

Nick Mills

MLB Photography

Ray Moneta

V. Murphy

Malcolm Nason

Paul Nelhams

Val Omajnikov

John Oram

Ryan OrshInsky

David Osborn/Aeroprints

Stefano Pagiola

A.J. Payne

Jonathan Payne

Bryant Petit


Mark Piacentini

Len Preskow

M. Radzi Desa

James Ralph

Leo Remmel

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P. Sanders

Micha Sender

Robbie Shaw

Bill Sheridan

Andrew Sieber

Richard Silagi

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Charles R. Stewart

John Stewart

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Dave Subelack

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TMK Photography

TMX Mike

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Andy Vass Aviation

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Jarrod Wilkening

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Zone 49 Photography

Zane Adams

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Keith Armes


Frank Bailey

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Fred Barnes

Sheldon D. Benner

Peter Bish

D. Bourgaud

Simon Brooke

Russell Brown

Chris Buckley

P. Butler


A. Cardedeiro

Gerald Cashen

Caz Caswell

Andrew Cline

Alan Cortash

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M. Jones

Jeff Johnson

Neil Johnson

Karl Karlsson

Dimitry Karpezo

Peter Keating

Wally Kenyon

John Kimberley

Alan Lebeda

R. Lee

Joe Lezark




This website is dedicated to our friend Michael J. Ody - "Mike"

APRIL 1939 – OCTOBER 2011


Mike Ody was a total aviation person. Raised in SW London with constant overhead activity from Croydon, Biggin Hill, Hendon, Northolt, London and other Airports, Mike joined the Air Cadets when he was 14 years old. He was soon hanging out at Croydon Airport in the evenings after doing his school home-work. With other lads from Croydon, Mike cycled to airfields all over England and Scotland which also allowed him to enjoy his second passion of cycling. His pride was a Claude Butler custom built machine.

On leaving school Mike joined Hawker Aircraft at Kingston upon Thames on an engineering apprenticeship program. This did not seem to fit well with Mike and he later volunteered to join the RAF for three years as an Air Movements Clerk when he was 18 years old. Mike served most of his time stationed at RAF Wildenrath, Germany. His experiences there stood him well as he was hired by Air India in 1961 as a Load Planner for their newly delivered Boeing 707s. A subsequent transfer to their Cargo Department led to what was to become his life time career path, Cargo Sales.

The late Sixties were to lead to two most important life decisions for Mike as in 1967 he emigrated to Canada where he settled in Montreal after a short stop in Toronto. There, after initially working for KLM Cargo Sales, Mike joined Alitalia Cargo Sales; his employer for the rest of his career with stops at Calgary and finally, Toronto. Mike thoroughly enjoyed his stay in Montreal and it was there that his second major decision occurred; he met and married Marion in 1969 with whom he later had three sons who along with his grand-children, miss him very much.

Mike had a deep interest in all aircraft types and their production histories but his passion was de Havilland Canada post-war types and in particular the DHC-6 Twin-Otter. He amassed a huge collection of photographs, slides and articles about the type and this forms the basis of this web-site that has been created in his memory.

Mike was also very interested in the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register and spent many hours recording and building a history of such. This research has been passed to his joint-collaborator and we hope to see it on another web-site at a future date.

June 2012 - George Trussell, Toronto, Ontario.


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