Aircraft News / by Erik Johannesson

78 - DHC-8-102 C-GTAI Jazz Aviation LP, Enfield, NS

Registration cancelled 02-Mar-2018; presumably for reduction to parts; aircraft arrived North Bay, ON on 08-Feb-2018.

454 - DHC-8-202 N454YV Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc., Calgary, AB [WFBNW]

Registration cancelled 05-Mar-2018 on export to Ecuador as HC-CSY for Avioandes. The aircraft arrived Latacunga on 05-Mar-2018. It was last operated by LC Peru, prior to returning to Avmax.

Avioandes Photo ©

Avioandes Photo ©


4543 - DHC-8-402 C-FXHU Worldwide Aircraft Ferrying Ltd., Mississauga, ON

Flew Toronto-Pearson, ON - Muskoka, ON 09-Mar-2018 for repainting by Muskoka Aircraft.

4554 - DHC-8-402 5Y-JXE Elix Aviation Capital, Dublin

Noted still parked at Toronto-Pearson, ON 08-Mar-2018 in full Jambojet c/s.

4578 - DHC-8-402 C-FXFO Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Noted at Toronto-Downsview, ON 08-Mar-2018 in primer.

A nice shot of DHC-8-315 N599XQ at Yokota Air Base in Japan, with thanks to  RCH8607さん 

  RCH8607さん  Photo © Yokota Airbase, Japan 04-Mar-2018

 RCH8607さん Photo © Yokota Airbase, Japan 04-Mar-2018