Aircraft News / by Erik Johannesson

414 - DHC-8-315 P2-ANP Air Niugini, Port Moresby

Updating entry for 26-Apr-2018; continued Petropavlovsk - Nagoya - Saipan - Port Moresby 26/27-Apr-2018 on delivery. The aircraft is seen below on departure from Nagoya.

4110 - DHC-8-402 G-JECJ Flybe Ltd., Exeter [Elix Aviation Capital]

Registration cancelled 11-Apr-2018 on return to Elix Aviation Capital. Re-registered PH-ADI and flew Exeter - Maastricht 27-Apr-2018. The aircraft is seen below on arrival at Maastricht with thanks to Jesse V.

Jesse V Photo ©

Jesse V Photo ©