Operator/Supplier News / by Erik Johannesson

SpiceJet selects the world’s lightest aircraft seat, TiSeat E2, on newest Bombardier Q400 aircraft

Indian airline, SpiceJet, has chosen the world’s lightest aircraft seat for its 25 new Bombardier Q400 aircraft: the TiSeat E2 manufactured by Expliseat.

Due to its unique structure in composite and titanium, TiSeat E2 will enable a weight saving of at least 400 kg on the Bombardier Q400. This gain translates into less fuel, less CO2 emissions, and an improved operational performance for SpiceJet.

The TiSeat E2 is the result of a major technological breakthrough registered worldwide under 58 patents. It is the first seat made by Expliseat with a recline feature which is based on a modular frame intended to be compatible with all single aisle aircraft available.



The new Q400 turboprops will receive a high-density layout with 90 seats. Deliveries are to start in the third quarter of this year.