Aircraft News / by Erik Johannesson

4010 - DHC-8-402 N404AV LC Perù, Lima [Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc.]

Damaged at Lima 19-Aug-2018 during landing with nose gear retracted. The aircraft had earlier departed Lima for Ayacucho.

Michel Romero Photo © Lima 19-Aug-2018

Michel Romero Photo © Lima 19-Aug-2018

4094 - DHC-8-402 9G-ACA Passion Air, Accra

Following painting, the aircraft flew Malta - Tamanrasset - Accra 19-Aug-2018 on delivery.

4579 - DHC-8-402 Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Registered to Westjet Encore Ltd., Calgary, AB 20-Aug-2018; this aircraft has remained registered to Bombardier until now.