Site Update / by Erik Johannesson


An additional 110 photos have been added to the Production History pages over this past weekend.

Still looking for contribution of more photographs. If you have DHC-8 or Q400 images already uploaded to any of the various gallery or spotter sites, it is just as simple as giving me permission to use the photos. I will take care of the rest. Of course, they will be credited accordingly.


Dash8World News is now set up to accept subscriptions. This generates a personal copy of the News Blog section for you in the mailbox of your choice. Subscriber information is always kept confidential.


I have completed over 50% of the Q400 Production History pages. They will not be uploaded until everything is complete. Until then, any changes will be covered in the News Blog section here, and of course that will in turn be integrated into the history pages prior to publication.

General Contributions

Every page of the Production History section has buttons that will allow you to e-mail me directly with contributions of information or photos. Just a click, and a message will open in your e-mail program.

In addition, you can always be in contact via .