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Instagram Eights

A selection of Dash 8 s from recent Instagram posts.

Hessenflyer Photo © Zürich

Hessenflyer Photo © Zürich

Planespotter_ben Photo ©

Planespotter_ben Photo ©


Statement on Type & Series Identifiers for the DHC-8 fleet Effective June 2019


Since the launch of the entire DHC-8 program many years ago, the manufacturer has gone through a series of name and ownership changes. This has resulted in the DHC-8 being known and identified by a number of different monikers, and marketing names. For the purposes of the aircraft history pages and transactional/movements/sightings items in the news blog, the aircraft will be identified by those found on the Type Certificate Data Sheet.

  • DHC-8-101, DHC-8-102, DHC-8-103, DHC-8-106

  • DHC-8-201, DHC-8-202

  • DHC-8-301, DHC-8-311, DHC-8-314, DHC-8-315

  • DHC-8-401, DHC-8-402

On the aircraft history pages a bracketed number following the series indicates that the aircraft has been modified to another series. Example: DHC-8-311 (314) indicates the aircraft was built as a series 311 and subsequently modified to a series 314.

The Type Certificate Data Sheets contain no references to the written form “Dash” nor do they contain any “Q” reference. Both of these are marketing terms.

Longview Aviation has determined that the marketing name for the Series 400 product will be displayed as “Dash 8-400”. Similar to the aircraft having had the marketing name “Q400” previously with Bombardier. Press releases will show as “Dash 8-400”.

If you have any questions please let me know.